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Food Quality with Recommendation System using IoT: An IEEE Based Project

Are you looking for an exciting and innovative IoT final year project? Consider working on a project that focuses on improving food quality and enhancing the dining experience through the use of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Our project aims to develop a Food Quality with Recommendation System using IoT, providing valuable assistance to consumers in selecting and enjoying high-quality food products.

The project revolves around implementing an IoT-based system that monitors various factors affecting food quality, such as temperature, humidity, and storage conditions. The system collects real-time data from sensors deployed in food storage areas, refrigerators, and supply chains. Using Artificial Intelligence techniques, the system analyzes the data to assess the quality of food products and provides personalized recommendations to consumers based on their preferences and dietary requirements.

Key components and features of the project:

  1. IOT devices: Deploy sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and other relevant parameters in food storage and supply chain environments.
  2. Data collection and analysis: Gather real-time data from sensors and utilize Artificial Intelligence algorithms to assess food quality.
  3. Recommendation engine: Provide personalized recommendations to consumers based on their preferences, dietary restrictions, and the quality of available food products.
  4. User interface: Develop an intuitive user interface for consumers to access food quality information and receive recommendations.
  5. Integration with online platforms: Enable seamless integration with online platforms to facilitate the exchange of food quality information and recommendations.

By working on this project, you will explore the exciting intersection of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and food systems. You will gain hands-on experience in sensor integration, data analysis, and developing intelligent recommendation systems.

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