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Hybrid Stove System using IoT: An IEEE Based Project

If you're looking for an exciting and innovative IoT final year project, consider working on a project that focuses on developing a Hybrid Stove System using IoT. This project aims to improve cooking efficiency and reduce energy consumption by integrating IoT technology with traditional cooking stoves.

The project involves implementing an IoT-based system that monitors and controls the operation of a hybrid stove, which combines both traditional fuel-based and electric-based cooking methods. The system utilizes sensors to monitor parameters such as temperature, fuel usage, and air quality in the cooking environment. By analyzing the collected data using Artificial Intelligence techniques, the system can optimize the stove's operation for efficient cooking and energy conservation.

Key components and features of the project:

  1. IOT devices: Integrate sensors to monitor temperature, fuel usage, and air quality in the cooking environment.
  2. Data collection and analysis: Gather real-time data from sensors and utilize Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimize the stove's operation.
  3. Smart control system: Develop a control system that adjusts the stove's settings based on the cooking requirements and environmental conditions.
  4. User interface: Create an intuitive user interface to monitor and control the stove remotely using a mobile application or web interface.
  5. Energy efficiency analysis: Measure and analyze the energy consumption of the hybrid stove system to quantify its energy-saving benefits.

By working on this project, you will explore the integration of IoT and Artificial Intelligence in the context of sustainable cooking technologies. You will gain hands-on experience in sensor integration, data analysis, and developing intelligent control systems.

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